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2017 Behind The Scenes


December 4, 2017

Sitting here in disbelief that this is my seventh completed wedding season and fifth year in a row writing a behind the scenes recap. Sorry but like HOW IS THAT REAL.

I get lost looking back and reflecting over 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (take a walk down memory lane if you please) and though these posts are silly and a *little* self-deprecating they’re also a reminder of how far the Lord has brought me, grown me, and blessed this little dream of mine.

When I shot my first wedding at fourteen I never imagined this is what was in store. I mean, I had just gotten my braces off and thought that was surely as great as life could get.

But here we are, and I’m again getting to look back on an incredible wedding season gone by. Surreal, still.

Gotta say, I have THE BEST couples in the world that trust me completely, go to the greatest lengths for the sake of beautiful portraits, and just have the sunniest attitudes through anything and for that I’ll never be able to express how lucky I feel.

With that being said! I say this every year, but if you’re under the impression a photographer’s life is as *glam* as it may seem from a pretty little IG feed, here’s hoping this BTS post serves as a little myth-buster for your sweet wondering heart…

Let’s start by clearing the air bc I know you’re probably gonna wonder. Yes I did find the world’s most comfortable wedding shooting dress/shoes and no I will never wear anything else again. The dress is Lulu Lemon (last season, don’t h8 me) and shoes are Dr. Scholl’s (yeah #stylegoalz) and I’ve definitely been overheard saying things like *I couldn’t shoot a wedding without them* which sounds dramatic but like… truth’s the truth.Beyond the dream shoes/dress, at the top of this year’s list of blessings has been having my BFF double as my second shooter. She was consistently by my side through the entire 2017 season and EVERYONE LOVES VANESSA. Can’t even tell you the joy/calm/skill she brings to wedding days.
Lucky for you, Vanessa also brings a unique behind the scenes perspective… always catching me in my *finest moments.*  In this first section, we’ll be discussing what my actual job title should be…
Caroline Logan: Freelance Hair Stylist (As I always say: 10% a photographer, 90% a hair stylist. Speaking of hair stylist… where’s mine?)
Caroline Logan: Rent A Bridesmaid (I take my job as an honorary bridesmaid quite seriously.)Caroline Logan: Rent a Mother (Sometimes I age 30 years and play MOB for juuust a minute.)
Caroline Logan: Professional Third Wheeler (Proud of it.)
Caroline Logan: Professional Bowler (Be sure to catch me on ESPN.)
Caroline Logan: Magician (Now Performing: The Disappearing Bride & Groom)
… Oops. Still working on that act. “Train up a child in the way they should go.” – Proverbs 22:6 *When I ask if they’re ready for sunset portraits…*
(LOL JK WE LOVE EACH OTHER, right Clarke & Lauren?!?!)Just waiting for Vanessa to catch me reapplying deodorant (it happens) before the reception…Grateful for my brides that keep me well fed. Thank you, Lydia, for the veggie burger. <3 And Rachel, for the dinner rolls. And while we’re at it… Lauren, for the fondue fountain. #guilty Shooting a hot July wedding in a historic church with no AC = wind blown hair, don’t care. Where’s Waldo Caroline  Probably just professing my love for Scott & Erin. Or Chipotle. Always on the hunt to make some cool new friends… Working with Treasured Events (AKA my mom)… my favorite of all! Yeah I’m shooting bridal details inches from the bathroom. Classy like that.
“And do you, Rachel, take Eric to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
I take groom test shots very seriously.
“OMG you guys can you believe it’s OUR WEDDING DAY?”Like I said, third wheeling is how you’ll find me… Or looking for a nice place to nap. That too.  Or hailing a cab. Anything for the bride and groom. Or of course, checking up on when dinner will be served. My specialty. Or you might find me trying to grow two feet taller…
Or perhaps casually killing the romantic moment…
And finally: laughing at my own joke. By myself.
The real secret to genuine smiles? Not my jokes.
Hey @drschollsshoes… foot models for hire !!
Sometimes I try to steal the bouquet while they’re not looking. Shhhhh…
Don’t let the smile fool you. I’m about to grab it and run…
LOL GOT IT.Who needs dumbbells when you have camera bags…
Always aware of the camera…
Great day for a hike !!
Honestly it’s the best job on earth.
His request… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Shooting at Excelsior so I’d bet you 20 bucks there was a big smile on my face…
Lydia you are the most regal !!
There in a flash for any veil crisis that arises. Reassuring facial expressions are not guaranteed.
Bridal prep AKA my happy place. Especially when it’s at The Farm at Eagles Ridge.
Caroline Logan Couples: always willing to cross land and sea for the perfect picture… I really am the luckiest. <3
Just trying to sneak on that dance floor for the single gurlz bouquet toss… clear the way, gentlemen.
“Hey guys I’m standing in the street and might get hit but WAIT TILL YOU SEE THESE PICS!!!”
I nearly forgot to mention…
… got to go to prom three times this year!
… Saved some money and wore the same prom dress 3x though. #daveramseyapproved
“NO ONE TOLD ME to wear pink!!!”
*When Usher comes on…*
*Testing testing 1, 2, 3…*Patiently waiting my turn…Happy to report, this year my skills have really grown as a professional creeper. I mean photographer.Reception test shots. When every guest judges the photographer that seemingly wants a cute new profile pic but REALLY I just wanna hold up a sign that says “I’m WORKING I promise!!”
Even *I* can’t wait for the blog post sometimes !!People always tell me “you’re totally gonna meet + marry a nice groomsman someday.” To which I say… LOL bless the man that finds my bossiness endearing.
But just in case, I’ll add these to my eHarmony profile stat…
Things I’m not kidding about: how much I love teaching everything I know about business/photography at workshops. And how much I love Chipotle catering.
At the workshop, we pull off a gorgeous styled shoot for attendees to have the opportunity to watch me interact with/pose/photograph a couple, practice their skills, and build their portfolio. Basically the best time ever. Did I mention I’m hosting a TWO DAY spring workshop?!?! Email me for more details… seats are almost gone! : caroline@carolineloganphotography.com
“A TENT PARTY? Ooooh let me in!!!”
Am I a bridesmaid yet?Framed above their mantle I’m sure. <3 Right Jay & Mandy?
 I have a feeling this is an image Avery’s granddaughter will come across and treasure one day… oh wait. Sliiiiide to the left. Take it back now y’all.The face of a girl ten minutes ahead of schedule. (!!!)
Can always count on pity laughs from Mandy !! Bless you.Wheeeeeere’s Caroline? THERE SHE IS. Wheeeeeere’s Caroline? THERE SHE IS.
Running to grab The Light & Airy Preset Collection like… “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now my pleasure to present for the first time in public… Miss Caroline Logan.”
Grateful doesn’t cover it. What a year!

For Photographers: Love creamy skintones & soft colors? Learn to edit light & airy here!

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