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2015 Behind The Scenes


January 4, 2016

Even though I’m still kind of in disbelief/denial that the 2015 wedding season is OVER already, I’ve been taking some time lately to reflect on what an amazing year it’s truly been.

Without getting *too* sappy, I just really can’t say enough how grateful I am to do this thing that I love. I photographed my first solo wedding at age fourteen and never could have imagined how that one day would change the course of my life. It seriously fills my heart with so much gratitude to think of the beautiful journey it’s been since. Lots of hard, hard work… but the MOST rewarding. :) Some days it honestly feels surreal to look back and see how far I’ve come and I’ll never truly be able to express my thanks to my family for believing in me, clients for trusting me, and Jesus for blessing my business beyond what I could have ever imagined. And here I said I wasn’t going to get sappy… HA.

Some of you have been following my work since the very start, and some of you are a little newer around here. :) Either way, you play a significant part in my life and I just wish I could teleport across the internet to thank every person who has ever left a sweet comment along the way!! I could hug you all.

Although my job is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME and these were some of the best days of 2015, we photographers do find quite a way of making ourselves look entirely too *glam* in an Instagram feed. Needless to say, seeing this collection of behind the scenes from the last year is rather humbling (“Thaaaat’s what I looked like?!”), but it’s also kinda my favorite.

So whether you’ve ever been curious what a photographer actually looks like on the job, OR you’re just seeking photos of me looking overly happy/bossy/ridiculous… then today is your day. You’ve come to the right place. Without further adieu, I give you… 2015 BEHIND THE SCENES. I’m embarrassed already.

“Ok lovebirds enough PDA, your attention please!”

“Just pretend it’s 75 and sunny, while I stand over here dressed like an eskimo in my nice warm coat.”

Thank you Sarah for laughing at my jokes. Bless you.

Always certain my hair will go up in flames.

The windiest day of the year. Also the day I was most grateful I remembered to wear shorts under my dress.

Looking back now I think perhaps *I* was the one whose hair needed the fixing… SOS.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… just me.”

Gotta test out the photobooth. For professional reasons. Obvi.

Oh wait Amy you *don’t* want me in your bridal portraits? Ohhhhhh ok.

Not even a pity laugh.

Caroline Logan Photography: Getting Emotional During Nearly Every Father/Daughter Dance Since 2010

Reception grand entrance test shots… the moment of every wedding day I look awkward without fail because every guest watching thinks the photographer just wants a cute pic of herself. -_-

Tower of Babel moment.

AWH. When your first 2015 bride is a guest at your last 2015 bride’s wedding. Full circle, happy heart.

It’s cool. I never liked these shoes anyway.

“But I thought you guys wanted to spend the day with meeeeee? :(“

Caroline Can’t Keep Her Eyes Open 1.0

Photographers Spotted in Their Natural Habitat: The Weeds Edition

Photographers Spotted in Their Natural Habitat: The Farmland Edition

Photographers Spotted in Their Natural Habitat: The Bushes Edition

Caroline Can’t Keep Her Eyes Open 2.0

“And do you, Amy, take Taylor to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

The evolution of a photo.

Caught this culprit trying to steal the wedding bands…


The colder the day, the cozier the pose.2016-01-02_0042

GROUP HUG ON THREE.2016-01-02_0044

Obviously missed the white dress memo here…

Ryan & Renee being cute even when it’s not for a photo. My fave.

“I understand you need some YOU-time, but we really need to be moving on with portraits, guys.”

Realizing now that cardigan kind of looked like a purple cape…

Caroline Can’t Keep Her Eyes Open 3.0

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

That moment you realize you’re in your second shooter’s picture but it’s too late…2016-01-02_0049

As I always say… 10% a photographer, 90% a hair-fixer.2016-01-02_0051

Where’s Waldo Caroline?2016-01-02_0052

Zach & Becca proving I’m funny. I love you forever.2016-01-02_0053

I promise I’m not as boring as these groomsmen make me look… I think.

High-time I invest in an umbrella hat.

This year has brought more hair stylist freelance opportunities. Happy to report my skills are rapidly improving.2016-01-02_0056

Professional third wheeler.

Oh, y’know… just getting in my morning wall-sit workout.

Decided to join Mark & Amanda’s choreographed first dance. I wanted my moment in the spotlight too.

Canon 5D Mark 3 vs. Droid… #winning2016-01-02_0063

Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble…2016-01-02_0064

The face of a girl ten minutes ahead of schedule. (!!!)

When your skirt is up and you don’t even know it…2016-01-02_0067

“YOU’RE MARRIED!!!!”2016-01-02_0068

Fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a music conductor.2016-01-02_0070

We were having a stare off…2016-01-02_0071

Only posting this cause my hair looks normal for once. PTL.2016-01-02_0072

When your bride steps in dog poop, you wash her shoe in the river of course! 2016-01-02_0073

The dreamiest light <32016-01-02_0074

That time I looked like a giant…

Do I love my job? Why yes I do.2016-01-02_0077

Changing lenses over a puddle of water. SMART.2016-01-02_0078

One of these things is not like the others…

At least Mark thinks I’m funny!

Convincing Sarah to trade hair with me.

Reception time.2016-01-02_0087

I’ll race ya to the cake!!

Working hard…

Hardly working…2016-01-02_0088

Just practicing for my dance recital.

Don’t mess with the focus face.2016-01-02_0093

F I N A L L Y got the haircut I needed all year !!2016-01-02_0094

Rehearsing the first dance by myself.

And then there was that one wedding where a goat tagged along for portraits…


Hey Billy, can you grab my 85 for me?2016-01-02_0102


No wonder they were smiling so big… hey Billy, what do your weekends look like in 2016?2016-01-02_0106

Thanks for a great year!! FULLEST HEART.2016-01-02_0107

  1. Wendy Zook says:

    I love behind-the-scenes posts, but yours is by far the funniest, most “real” one I’ve seen! You gave me a great Monday morning laugh and it’s SO obvious your clients are incredibly happy to have you with them on their day! :-)

  2. Elise Hemler says:

    These are wonderful!! Enjoyed every single one. Keep up the great work!! <3

  3. Lauren Swann says:

    I’ve been waiting since 2015 for this bad boy… And it certainly didn’t disappoint! #numberoneBTSfan

    Haha!! Love you!!

  4. Nicole Deppen says:

    I love this! Honestly, I’ve been waiting all year for this! I love your work, can’t wait to see what you do in 2016!

  5. Brenda Moran says:

    Love these post! How fun to look over the exciting year you have had! Keep loving and laughing and enjoying what you do!

  6. I love this post on your blog ever year, but I have to say the goat takes the cake!! So great!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Hahaha I LOVE you!! Always look forward to this post from you, and as always – it didn’t disappoint! :) Hope your 2016 is amazing, friend!!

  8. Leslie Ann says:

    So cute!!! Love how real this is and you amaze me holding that umbrella WHILE shooting!!! Multi-talented!! :)

  9. Alice says:

    Your outfits are always on point ;)! Loved reading through your captions and the looking at these behind-the-scenes pictures. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for you in 2016 :) Best~

  10. You are precious! I love this post!

  11. LOVE these!!! You’re awesome. Looks like a great year!!

  12. Chris Sosa says:

    These moments are awesome. Professional third wheeler is often kinda weird but fun.
    You rock Caroline!

  13. Craig Solow says:

    Hi Caroline, I follow Wendy Zook on Instagram, and when she commented on your workshop I had to take a peek. You are so funny, and a spiritual light (not flash lol) to the photography world. Love your jokes (hey im not paid to say this people), and how you share your heart. I will be following your posts!
    God Bless your socks off! Ex PA resident, now Upstate NY shooter (for fun).
    Instageam: Reflectionsbycraig

  14. Amazing time I love it!

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