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2016 Behind The Scenes


January 9, 2017

I feel like I was just writing last year’s behind the scenes blog post, but here we are… 2016 has come and gone. And it sure was a good one.

Every year I say I’m not going to get sappy (and every year I’m wrong) so this year I’m going to take a different approach and just embrace it. I FEEL SO OVERWHELMED with gratitude as I look back over 2016 and think of all the wonderful days I got to be a part of and you know what? These couples deserve all the sappy gratitude in the world.

I know for a fact I am the luckiest to do what I do and to be able to say my couples are seriously as good as they come. <3 Plus like I get a front row seat to the sweetest moments, best toasts, and most beautiful new beginnings and sorry but I really can’t complain!

With that being said… if you’re under the impression a photographer’s life is as glamorous as it may seem from a pretty little IG feed, here’s hoping this behind the scenes post serves as a little myth-busters for your sweet wondering heart. So here’s an embarrassing look at just how ridiculous I appear at any given moment on a wedding day… just for you and free of charge.

First, a run down of my wedding day outfits you’ll be sick of seeing by the end of this post. (Let’s just pretend I’m doing that capsule wardrobe thing so that’s the really impressive reason I’m lacking in variety.)

Outfit #1: The Dress I Wore Once Before Deciding It Was Too Short Outfit #2: The Summer EditionYeah and did I mention it has pockets !! Outfit #3: The Cold Weather Edition A real winner. Outfit #4: What I Wore When Everything Else Was In The Wash Now that we’ve got that out of the way, join me for a day in the thrilling life of a photographer… … also known as prom.My 2017 goal is to grow roughly 24 inches. Wish me luck. You’ve probably heard me say it before: 10% a photographer, 90% a hair fixer.One word: bribery.In this section, we’ll be discussing the many important hats I wear on a wedding day…

1) Professional groomsmen phone confiscator. 2) One part photographer, one part dance choreographer at no additional charge…… I always throw that service in for free.3) Private Dress Twirling Lessons are available on a first come, first served basis. Booking now!4) Sometimes I play bridesmaid and sometimes I play MOB. No greater joy. 5) *Now Proudly Offering On-Location Tree Trimming*6) I also double as a hair stylist… #freelance7) Really though, I fluff dresses for a living.I’m excited to announce next year I’m launching an online course entitled: The Art of Looking Awkward Next to The Wedding Cake. Stay tuned for details on exclusive early registration.  Test shots are a key factor to any given wedding day. Happy to report my modeling skills are rapidly improving. YOU GUYS, wait for meee! Peek-a-boo!     And then sometimes my BFF’s BFF gets married and it’s just the best.  Aaaand tell me again where we can find air conditioning?  Occasionally I pretend they’re all singing to me. Wish I were kidding. Twelve hour wedding days take a toll (worth it) so I got a massage for the first time in August. She told me I should “really get massages more often.” I MEAN IF YOU INSIST.  #communityovercompetition  When I see past couples at weddings and my heart just melts! Not even going to play it cool, I LOVE THEM. Detached hair. Gross. Rain, rain, go away… (Could hardly tell it was raining in the blog post, right? RIGHT.) Stop! In the naaaame of love…I’ll be your biggest fan. Yeah no exaggeration I’m like *this* hungry right now, how ’bout you? *Complimentary Mentoring Session* When Sweet Caroline comes on and I know it from the first beat… … and want to run and hide in the bathroom.Bowing to Amanda because she was THAT REGAL. Always on the hunt for a kindred spirit kind of friend. And then there was that time when my cousin got married and I got to be the photographer and a bridesmaid thanks to my dream team, Olivia and Mark. *And* I got to shoot bridal portraits in yoga pants.Wound up with lots of behind the scenes pictures to prove it… How my hair looks for every wedding (LOL that’s a funny joke).  Mannequin Challenge How’d we do?#transformationtuesday Petitioning to shoot every wedding wearing a floral crown, effective immediately.WE DID IT.

And I like to think this is the moment all my years of dance floor observation paid off. (Dream big.)
And now for the #carolineloganworkshop outtakes segment…

Raise your hand if you’re hungry for Chipotle?!?!?!

At the workshop, we pull off a gorgeous styled shoot for attendees to have the opportunity to watch me interact with and photograph a couple, practice their skills, and build their portfolio. Here, I’m pictured preparing the gown for my afternoon nap Bree’s bridal portraits.
Did someone say Chipotle?
Glorying in a successfully delivered punchline, no doubt.*When Chipotle is finally delivered and you just can’t hide this joy !!!*Did I mention I’m hosting a spring workshop?! Email me for more details! : caroline@carolineloganphotography.com
Where’s Waldo Oh how could I forget to share the news… I upgraded my camera gear !! Thinking warm thoughts. I think that’s my YOU’RE MARRIED face.
Oops.  Ugh don’t ya just hate photo bombers? Me. Laughing at my own jokes. Still waiting for the punch line…Bless you Bryan for pretending I’m funny !!! Knew I liked you. As I always say, third-wheeling is my specialty. Ceremony test shots… AKA: Please take this as fast as possible, I don’t want guests thinking I’m self absorbed…About to make a break for the cookie bar. Pity laughs for Caroline all day every day. Probably still telling Jackie how gorgeous she looks… Shooting wedding details is my happy place. Excuse me, Mimi? Would it be cool with you if I take this floral wall home with me tonight? Just wondering. The best job ever, if you’re curious.What a year! So grateful there aren’t words. Thank you.

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  1. Love looking back at these sweet memories!!

  2. Rebecca Hertfelder says:

    This was a wonderful window into the life of my extravagantly lovely cousin! I must say that I have been growing my monotone color scheme clothing in memory of your beautifully edited pictures!! I love the green tones and white tones you use in your photos.

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