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Fall 2016 Caroline Logan Workshop


October 25, 2016

It was around this time last year that a door opened to host my first workshop and it’s wild to think one year later, I’m blogging the recap to my second workshop. I also never knew a year ago (or even at the time of my first workshop in February) that not only would I be hosting a second workshop, but I’d be hosting it in my own newly purchased home…

SO if you’re tracking with all of that, now just picture me sitting here feeling overwhelmed and thankful and just a little bit sappy because these are things I’ve dreamt of doing but they’ve happened in God’s timing and that has made it 100x more rewarding.

I can’t express my love and appreciation for these girls who traveled and flew (!!!) in, rented cars and hotel rooms, left their babies/husbands, skipped college classes or work (oops) and all around sacrificed so much to participate in this day and make it what it was. Knowing this, I pour my heart into these workshop days to honor their investment and in turn, hopefully bless and help to grow their businesses as much as possible.

One of the first thoughts I share at my workshop is the idea that everybody starts somewhere. And I really believe that’s true. There were days I never thought I would be the one teaching and there are still days where I think HOLD UP I don’t know it all… but I think that’s what is so cool about the creative movement happening in our industry right now. I have learned so much due to those that have paved a path for me and imparted their wisdom and business knowledge, so OF COURSE it’s my joy, privilege, and duty to pay it forward by sharing what I do know and encouraging others in their business journeys just the same.

And so, last week I was opening the door to ten incredible, driven, full of joy/grace/talent/passion entrepreneurs and as we sat in my living room, I shared the ins and outs of my business growth from 2010 until now. I never wanted this day to end and if it were up to me, it wouldn’t have! We said our goodbyes at 10 PM that night after a 13.5 hour day that left me feeling yes, tired, but also so completely full.

Today I’m so excited to share a recap of that day I will never forget! And a few outtakes too because who doesn’t love those !! My friend Preston was there to take behind the scenes all day and really I could never buy him enough Chipotle to adequately thank him for capturing all the fun.

The day started with pretty name tags thanks to Cork and Chambers and lots of eucalyptus. Yes I do believe I have an obsession.



And this is where I kick my sappiness up a notch… these are my *workshop helpers* but most of all some of my absolute best friends. I genuinely couldn’t have pulled off this day without them. My sister Emily and my friends family Vanessa and Preston did so much behind the scenes (like more than I know) and even though I get awkward and say thank you too many times because it’s so hard to just RECEIVE people’s help, I really am just so thankful they could be there by my side. <3caroline_logan_workshop_photo_001


We started the morning with brief intros where each girl shared what has brought her to this point in her business and there could not have been a better way to kick off the day…caroline_logan_workshop_photo_007





No point is truly proven without hand gestures. Scientifically proven.caroline_logan_workshop_photo_012

Sharing some of my old work from the early days while Victoria probably jotted down what NOT to do. Oh my.caroline_logan_workshop_photo_013





I also imparted my top secret super cool dance moves for a successful approach to any reception dance floor… JK.




One of my favorite aspects of the day was hosting surprise giveaways thanks to our incredible sponsors! Cannot thank ShowitKISS AlbumsHoneyBookPASSAgreeShoot & ShareCG Pro PrintsAlign Album Design, & Mile IQ enough for their support and willingness to spoil the attendees with swag bag and giveaway goodies!caroline_logan_workshop_photo_022


LOVE THESE FACES. They made my makeshift dining room studio look gooooood.caroline_logan_workshop_photo_037

And *this* is why everyone was smiling so big. Chipotle catering for lunch. I aim to please.caroline_logan_workshop_photo_024

Though I was probably still the most excited one there.caroline_logan_workshop_photo_025

After lunch, we had the privilege of photographing a styled shoot at Excelsior and we couldn’t be more grateful to have been hosted in such a beautiful venue for the afternoon. Thank you, Kelly, for graciously welcoming us and making us feel right at home! You know I adore you and every ounce of Excelsior!caroline_logan_workshop_photo_026

And it’s not hard to see why…  safe to say I had way too much fun sharing my shooting and posing process with a styled shoot that dreams are made of designed by the one and only Moss & Vine. Katie and Heidi, THANK YOU for going above and beyond in sharing your talents with us!caroline_logan_workshop_photo_027

Adam & Karis were our knock-out models and I’m pretty sure my voice reached a record-breaking embarrassing octave while photographing them (proud of it). Just waaaait until I can share the styled shoot! Adam & Karis, we love you!caroline_logan_workshop_photo_028






Look at that form…caroline_logan_workshop_photo_034


After wrapping the styled shoot, we headed back to my house for a live culling & editing demo, more in depth teaching, a few tired yawns, and so much more learning late into the evening…caroline_logan_workshop_photo_036

And finally, a few photos stolen from the #carolineloganworkshop hashtag that I just can’t stop scrolling through smiling at…caroline_logan_workshop_photo_038

And now for the cheesiest part of this recap, but also the most important:

To Emily, Vanessa, Preston, Elly, Cherish, Truely, Marcy, Anna, Coleman, & my wonderful mom and dad who believe in me always… thank you. This absolutely could not have happened without you. I look at the pictures from this day and you all come to mind because it really does take a village and thankfully I have a really great one. Thank you for praying me through this day and never getting sick of hearing me talk through every planning emotion for months on end leading up to making this dream happen. I love you.

To our wonderful sponsors – companies I couldn’t do business without! Thank you for believing in this day and these girls!
Showit | KISS Albums | HoneyBook | PASS | Agree | Shoot & Share | CG Pro Prints | Align | Mile IQ

And finally, thank you to the dream team of vendors who donated their time and talents in order to spoil the attendees with a styled shoot that took my breath away! I literally can’t wait until I can share the photos!!
Moss & Vine | Excelsior | Treasured Events | Unfading Beauty | In White | The Black Tux | The Baker’s Table | Sandpiper & Co

To get more information about future workshops and be added to the exclusive early access pre-sale list, click HERE!

  1. Mary Kate says:

    This recap is so perfect! I’m shedding a few tears just thinking about how amazing it was and how much I miss it! You are so wonderful, Caroline! Thank you for opening up your home and business and passing along such wisdom! xoxo

  2. Is it weird to be so proud of someone you’re friends with only online!? No?? OKAY GOOD. FRIEND! I am soooooooooooooo over the top proud of you!! My gosh!!!

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