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Spring 2017 Caroline Logan Workshop


May 15, 2017

One week ago today I was welcoming a cream of the crop group of women from all over the country (& Canada!) into my home for the third #carolineloganworkshop and I think I’m still going through withdrawal without such beautiful, smiling faces filling my home. </3

Ever since January when the workshop sold out within three hours (!) of registration opening, I’ve been counting down the days until May 8th was here. I had very high expectations for this workshop and group of attendees… and to say my expectations were blown out of the water by the fourteen women that opened their hearts and participated in this day is A DRASTIC UNDERSTATEMENT.

By the end of the day and after thirteen straight hours of teaching, we truly felt like family. A very happy and delirious one.

A relative asked me recently “So like… you share it all? You don’t keep a few special top-secret things to yourself? Not even your editing?!” And to be honest, I can’t imagine holding back in the things I share. I truly am a very open, very vulnerable book… sharing the ups and downs… the lessons learned… my shooting & editing secrets… and of course I unintentionally threw some sappy tears in there too, but we’ll just call that a bonus.

Empowering and equipping other photographers to chase after purpose, set strong foundations, and build a business based in service is something I’ll never stop being passionate about. My prayer is that those fourteen attendees would look back at the workshop day as a turning point and game changer for their business and THAT is why I pour my whole entire heart into it. I never take it lightly.

Today I’m sharing a recap of this beautiful day I never want to forget! My friend Preston was there to take behind the scenes all day and capture all my flattering faces when trying to make very important points. You’re welcome in advance.

Aussie Bites have become a workshop staple and a 100% guarantee. Paris Chic Boutique spoiled the attendees with the prettiest name tags and journals in creation and they’re always so beautiful I just wanna stare… MY GO-TO’S. This day isn’t a thing without my best friends there to magically make it all come together and shower some extra looove all over the attendees. They give me thumbs up and big smiles from the back and ok yeah I might have teared up a time or two when introducing them!!! Grateful doesn’t cover it. We start the morning with head shots and everyone has Elly to thank for the perfect lighting. Who needs a real reflector when you have a furry white blanket and a tall sister ?! THOSE FACES. Couldn’t love them one bit more if I tried. I always say this workshop should *probably* be a two day workshop because I squeeze so much content into thirteen short hours, but there’s just so much I’ve learned in my seven years as a wedding photographer I can’t NOT share so we always make an agreement that I’ll talk fast if they’ll listen fast. Sharing work from my very first wedding. With hand motions. Always. “And I’m willing to bet no one here loves Chipotle like *I* do.” One of my favorite aspects of the day is hosting surprise giveaways thanks to our incredible sponsors! Cannot thank ShowitKISS AlbumsAlign Album DesignCG Pro PrintsHoneyBook, & PASS enough for their unending support and willingness to spoil the attendees with swag bag loot and giveaways!  And the real reason everyone comes to The Caroline Logan Workshop: Chipotle catering for lunch. I’d come too. After lunch, we took a quick stroll down the street to Hingework and walked into styled shoot dreamland designed and executed by Kate of Forte Florals. KATE… you seriously outdid yourself, I’ll never be over it. Forever thankful!

Zack & Mary were out models AKA the kindest (most beautiful) humans who everyone was obsessed with.

And Kristen <3 My outrageously talented Hair & Makeup Artist go-to (HIRE HER) and dear friend/mentor/encourager. She’s donated her time and talents for all three workshops and I just feel so blessed for all that she is and does. I’m not kidding when I say the first sentence out of my mouth was “welcome to heaven.” Accurate. I always have way too much fun sharing my entire shooting and posing process with the attendees… it’s where the magic happens! Thanks Demi for the photo on the right! FRAMER <3 After the styled shoot, we headed back to my house for a hearty Olive Garden dinner with bountiful breadsticks, a walk through my culling & editing process, as well as more teaching and late night learning before we said sad goodbyes at 10 PM that night…I miss this day and scrolling through the #carolineloganworkshop hashtag just gets me every time…

BUT SILVER LINING. There’s one more 2017 workshop coming October 23rd!!! AH! If you’re interested in joining, email me for more details at caroline@carolineloganphotography.com… I want to make sure your seat is saved!

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors (companies I couldn’t do business without)! : Showit | KISS Albums |  Align | CG Pro Prints | HoneyBook | PASS

Thank you to the dream team of vendors who donated their time and talents in order to spoil the attendees with a styled shoot that took my breath away! : Forte FloralsHingework | Treasured Events | Unfading Beauty | Sweet Caroline Styles | The Black Tux | The Baker’s Table | Persnickety Invitation Studio | Party Crush Studio


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