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Joe & Kristen


November 2, 2018

You know those shoots that are like reaaaally special that you can’t find the right words??? Yeah that’s me right now.

Kristen and I somehow crossed paths a few years ago. It’s funny, we haven’t even known each other for *that* long, but I don’t really remember a time where she wasn’t in my life?!? <3

You may know her as the outrageously talented hair & makeup artist that she is (my go-to for everything because she’s just the best there is <3) but getting to know Kristen better over the last few years has been such a gift to my life. I now consider her a dear friend, a mentor, and just an incredibly wise and generous person who I so greatly admire (I’m always thinking omg tell me how I can be just like you please).

What I loved about this shoot was that from the beginning, her goal was to make it so much more than *just* taking pictures. Her love for Joe was evident in every detail and plan (omg that custom designed dress by R Custom Bridals!!!), wanting to create a special memory of the entire weekend celebrating their anniversary.

After all, they’re fifteen years (& five kids !!!) in… aka a milestone WORTHY OF CELEBRATION.

Since Joe & Kristen didn’t do a first look on their wedding day, I loved that they recreated that moment, just fifteen years later. As Kristen’s eyes instantly filled with tears and Joe literally could not smile any bigger if he tried, you could just see the way they treasure and respect each other so much and what their marriage is built on. It really was such a special session (even for me, haha). And Joe said at the end that he felt the same way he did on their wedding day. <3

It’s the understatement of the century for me to say I was so honored to get to capture this milestone for Joe & Kristen. Especiallyyy as we were wrapping up the shoot and Kristen asked me to take a photo of Joe holding her “because he’s carried me through so much.” Melt.

Joe & Kristen, your marriage is a light that shines brightly for Jesus to those around you. Also I’ll just go ahead and ask what all of us are wondering: how is it possible for two people to look THIS GOOD fifteen years and five kids later?!??!?!!! Write a book. <3 Love you guys!

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