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The Smith Family


March 21, 2019

In seeing some of my closest friends experience parenthood, I get to watch firsthand all the joy and also┬áthe responsibility that comes with it. It’s no walk in the park (by any means), yet it feels like something so sacred.

When I see my friends Jordan & Svetlana intentionally care for and raise their girls, Anastasia and Isabella, I see a better picture into what my parents sacrificed for me. <3 And while I’m sure not every moment of every day looks like this, there are moments of pure magic sprinkled in day to day… if you just look for them! And it’s my greatest hope that through photography, I can freeze exactly that. So that one day when Anastasia and Isabella are grown, they can look back and see just the kind of people they were raised by… and the love that surrounded them from the start.

I loveeee this family and spending a Saturday morning capturing them in their element had me MELTING ON THE JOB. But let’s be real, I was melting from the moment they answered the door with Annie there saying “Caroline hold me.” DONE. Grateful for friends like these!! <3

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