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February 23, 2015

As I approach my fifth full year in business, I can’t help but feel so thankful for every step of this amazing journey! I think back to that girl who was just fourteen with a big dream + a whole lot of people believing in her… and I just feel so grateful. I once heard it said “No one succeeds without the help of others” and I really believe it’s true, because I’ve seen it in my own life time and time again…

There have been so many photographers who have come alongside me throughout this journey to encourage, inspire, and equip me as a photographer and business owner and I can never thank them enough. I truly wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for their generosity and vulnerability to share such valuable knowledge so freely!

So when some fellow photographer friends, Jon + Tiffany, reached out to me about a huge dream they had brewing, I was so thrilled to get involved and give back! These two have huge hearts to lift this industry up, and I immediately loved their vision to create a safe space for aspiring photographers to come to find encouragement, inspiration, and education. Featured Photog is going to be such a powerful learning resource for new photographers and I’m so excited for all the businesses it has the potential to propel forward in growth!!

I was so honored to sit down with Jon + Tiff to record a podcast interview a few weeks ago, and am thrilled to share that recording with you all here today; it’s such a privilege to share a piece of my story and my perspective on branding a brand!

Definitely hop over to Featured Photog and take a look around this amazing new learning resource for new and aspiring photographers!! Happy Monday, friends!

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