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Fall 2018 Caroline Logan Workshop


October 24, 2018

Sitting here reflecting on the sixth (!!!) workshop held exactly a month ago and thinking… how has it been A MONTH since the best day(s) ever?!

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you I get a *little* emotional when talking about these workshops because to me, they’re so much more than the fun few days you see online where we eat Chipotle and I talk with my hands a lot. These workshops are game changers/life rerouters where I share powerful content that I believe in with every (!) piece of me. The kind that brings about real results. It’s two days where I have the honor of having fourteen photographers come into my home and entrust me with their growth… and that is enough reason to pour my whole entire heart into it.

And I do. It’s my joy to get to open up, share my highs and lows, watch lightbulb moments occur and see growth happen before my very eyes. I pray so hard for these days leading up to the workshop, for each specific girl, and for their lives and businesses to be deeply blessed through the words that I share. I don’t take the opportunity lightly. Ok better stop now before I actually start cryingggg…

Reliving these days is my go-to activity and I’ll be doing exactly that until the next workshop coming Spring 2019!


Q: What’s a workshop without my best friends/angel squad helpers?

A: Not a workshop.

… You think I’m being dramatic but I’m not. They aren’t just “a part of it” they ARE IT. They bring so much soul to the workshop, do thankless things, pray me through every moment, clear their schedules and sacrifice sleep to be there, laugh from the back at my jokes, and get teary-eyed with me as I share my heart (joys, disappointments, purpose… all of it). You name it, they’re on it and I think the thing that fills my heart most is that the attendees at the workshop have the opportunity to experience their love & light the way I do daily. Preston, Vanessa, and Cherish… you’re the heartbeat behind it.

Q: What’s the styled shoot without my dream team vendors?!?!!

A: If I were the one left to planning it… probably paper plates from Party City and a bouquet of carnations from Giant.

But instead!! Danielle of Your Sweetest Day Events has planned the last three styled shoots and her vision, her talent, her expertise, her attention to detail, her kindness… it just amazes me every time. She goes above and beyond to make dreams come true, but even *that* is an understatement. I can’t believe I have the honor of working with her and man I’ve thought so many times her brides are SO LUCKY to have her on their team!!

Wildflowers by Design, Unfading Beauty by Kristen (who’s done hair and makeup for all six workshops now WHAT, Kristen, you’re heaven-sent), *not pictured* Treasured Events (my wonderful parents who do so many thankless things and are the biggest encouragers of all that I do), and Tara’s Treats all have skills that leave my jaw-wide open in wonder… every time. They’re THAT GOOD at what they do and of course make it all look so effortless (it’s not). I can’t wait to share the full styled shoot but seriously… these people’s support, creativity, and friendship is invaluable to me! Bottom line… IDK WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THEM.

The workshop begins the night before Day One with a Meet & Greet… AKA a chance to eat way too much ice cream, jumpstart friendship growth, and let all the walls down before the following two days full of learning…

It always feels like waking up on Christmas morning (with fresh snow on the ground) waiting for attendees to arrive!!! And welcoming them into my home brings me so much joy!

We kick off the morning with breakfast treats (AUSSIE BITES have become a workshop staple), lots of welcome hugs, and mingling…

There’s no better way to celebrate their arrival than spoiling the attendees with salted caramel macarons and boxes full of swag from our sponsors!! Gotta say, Tara makes the most melt in your mouth addictive macarons ever. And not eating them all by myself before everyone shows up is my greatest act of self control…

More spoiling for the attendees thanks to Paris Chic Boutique‘s beautiful calligraphy!! Her work is SO PRETTY, every time.

Then we jump into the morning session of teaching! We cover it all over the course of two days: how I built my business from nothing, style development, branding beyond a logo, social media, attracting your ideal client, keys to profitable business growth, transitioning from portraits to weddings, creating a remarkable client experience, anddd so much more…

YEP GUYS, it may have been eight years since I shot my first wedding at fourteen, but I’ve still got the same baby face to prove it was really me (lol)…

Ugh just love them…

One of my favorite aspects of the workshop is hosting surprise giveaways thanks to our incredible sponsors! Cannot thank ShowitKISS AlbumsAlign Album DesignCG Pro Prints, The Light & Airy Photographer, ShootsacThe Palm Shop, & BlogStomp enough for their unending support and willingness to spoil the attendees with swag bag loot and giveaways!

After the morning portion of teaching, we walked down the street to Hingework for the styled shoot! Breaking down exactly how I shoot (lighting, angles, composition) and pose (to make your clients feel comfortable and help them have fun *and* look natural) is the highlight of the workshop!! Well, one of them.

I share my entire posing process in depth and then the attendees have the opportunity to shoot alongside me, as well as pose the couple themselves!

I alsooo teach on shooting the reception details… my system for making the gallery plentiful and full of variation no matter the reception space I walk into!!

TWO OF MY FAVES who show up at a moment’s notice and inspire me always: Tara & Kristen!! <3

So like… can we shoot together all the time?!?


DREAM TEAM, I’m telling ya. Not to mention our model couple, Jordan & Kiandra, who made my job far too easy and made me say “WOW” “oh my goodnesssss” and “I’m speechless!!” on repeat while shooting.

THANK YOU doesn’t cover it to my bffs Vanessa, Cherish, & Preston, for being there helping and shooting behind the scenes photo/video all day. With a smile on their faces, always.

The happiest photographers you know. MY HEART. <3

After the shoot, we head back to my house for more teaching, an in-depth walk through of my culling and editing process, MORE COFFEE, and enough Olive Garden catering (read: BREADSTICKS) to feed an army !!

We wrapped day two at 8:30PM because it was off to bed to rest & recharge…

… for DAY TWO where we focused 100% on the backend of business!

Wouldn’t be a two day workshop without some energy bites to start the day off riiiight… they’re a wedding day staple that now officially are a workshop MUST.

I’m sensing a theme in this blog post: food.


Teaching the attendees everything I know about building a thriving from business, solid client experience, and engaging online presence FIRES ME UP. <3 No pun intended.

Next, we break for headshots which is basically me raving over and over about HOW CUTE AND PRETTY AND SWEET everyone is.

But like… can you blame me?! Each of these faces (now a part of the 70+ workshop alum family) are ones to watch!!!

And what’s a workshop without a good spill LOL… Panera salad dressing all over my pants. #coordination

Best photo of the weekend <3 Might need to frame this in my house…

Either really excited about white pizza for dinner or really excited about teaching the social media section. Honestly probably both.

It was a full day of teaching (liiiike 8:30am-8:30pm again) BUT… anything short of pouring it all out/leaving no question unanswered for this incredible group of attendees just wouldn’t feel right. They deserve it all!

Here I’m pictured leading the group in prayer for the day to slow down because I NEVER WANNA SAY GOODBYE to everyone. At least I think that’s what was happening.

It’s two fullllll days, but it’s the greatest joy of my life (no drama) to host these workshops and following this calling has filled my heart more than words can say. <3

Goodbyes are NEVER EASY but when Lindsey asked if we’d all sign her journal *school yearbook style* I MELTED INTO A PUDDLE. We’ll never forget it/this amazing group of the sweetest people there ever were!

SO THANKFUL for the gift that these days are (in case you can’t tell by now lolol) !!

Finally, as always, a few photos stolen from the #carolineloganworkshop hashtag…

Andddd I’m so excited to share THE BEST NEWS: my next workshop is coming May 5th & 6th, 2019 (with the optional Meet & Greet the night of the 4th)!!! If you’re interested in joining, email me for more details and to save your seat before they’re gone! : caroline@carolineloganphotography.com

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors (companies I couldn’t/wouldn’t do business without)! : Showit | KISS Albums |  Align Album Design | CG Pro Prints | The Light & Airy Photographer| Shootsac | The Palm ShopBlogStomp | PASS

Thank you to the dream team of vendors who donated their time and talents in order to spoil the attendees with a styled shoot that took my breath away! : Your Sweetest Day Events | Wildflowers by Design | Unfading Beauty by Kristen | Treasured Events | In White | The Black Tux | Hingework | Krysten’s Sweet Designs | Tara’s Treats | Cork & Chambers | Cami Monet

And above all, thank you again to the people that pray me through these days, excitedly await a recap after, and support me through and through… YOU KNOW who you are. <3

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