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Fall 2017 Caroline Logan Workshop


November 15, 2017

I’m sitting here like how do I find the words AGAIN to express all that this workshop is and means to me. Though this was my fourth (!) workshop, the joy and privilege it is to welcome photographers into my home from all over the country (and Canada!), teach them everything I know, and watch transformation occur truly never grows old.

It’s never lost on me the sacrifices each attendee makes to be there in my living room (saving up, taking off work, missing school, being away from husbands/kids, blocking the time, driving countless hours, flying in, etc). I pour my heart into these workshops for that very reason. To honor the investment they’re making and help make it an experience that will fast forward their business growth to where they dream of being.

It’s crazy how a group of strangers can truly become family after an experience like this. We start the morning hardly knowing each other and end the night teary and sad to say goodbye. Maybe I should make this a WEEK LONG workshop just so we have an excuse to hang for longer?!

One thing I’m certain of: these are the days I won’t forget. <3 It makes me so happy to share this recap of round four of the #carolineloganworkshop, honor all the people that make it possible, and mostly just record a day in time I’ll forever want to reflect on!


There’s no better way to start off this post than highlighting my heaven-sent helpers and best friends: Preston (who keeps everyone laughing/the Aussie Bites flowing), my cousin Truely (forever my favorite #carolineloganbride who took off work to be there and never ever stops smiling, it’s true), my cousin Cherish (couldn’t look at her much while speaking or I would have burst into tears… having her back home to be there was the most special) and Vanessa (she’s been at all four workshops carrying me through and I still can’t understand what I did to deserve a friend like her).

Someone called them my “angel squad” and it couldn’t be truer. Without them, this day is nothing and I mean that with my whole heart and more!!!
 In my opinion there’s no better way to kick off the day than spoiling the attendees with salted caramel macaroons awaiting their arrival !! My friend/girl crush Tara makes the most melt in your mouth addictive macaroons ever… YUM.Special thanks to our superstar photographer Preston Groff who took basically all of these pics and never loses patience with my sisterly demands ! #blessed
See, I told you, they’re the ones that make it all come together… helping with my necklace clasp and all (THX CHERISH).
We kick off the morning with breakfast treats (AUSSIE BITES have become a workshop staple), lots of welcome hugs, and the morning portion of teaching…
Always feels (and tastes) like Christmas morning.
Three things you need to know about the workshop: 1) I talk with my hands a lot. 2) I probably will cry. 3) These are content packed days and the results are transformational. Liiike you might just quit your full time job if you come… *fair warning* it seems to be the trend!!
Headshots in my very fancy studio (LOL nope just my dining room) are always a circus… but my favorite kind of circus !!
… Where we use throw blankets as a reflector! Naturally. Truely to the rescue!Look at those wonderful talented faces!!!
We cover it all: how I built my business from nothing, style development, branding beyond a logo, social media, attracting your ideal client, keys to profitable business growth, transitioning from portraits to weddings, creating a remarkable client experience, anddd so much more…Fan club <3 Thanks for laughing loudly at my jokes from the back of the room!!

One of my favorite aspects of the day is hosting surprise giveaways thanks to our incredible sponsors! Cannot thank ShowitKISS AlbumsAlign Album DesignCG Pro Prints, The Light & Airy Photographer, BlogStomp & PASS enough for their unending support and willingness to spoil the attendees with swag bag loot and giveaways!
The real reason people come to The Caroline Logan Workshop? Preston & Vanessa. Oops I mean *Chipotle.

My wedding planning hero Your Sweetest Day Events designed and orchestrated the entire styled shoot and I’m not exaggerating when I say I almost got choked up walking into the ever beautiful Hingework to see it all come to life. She took my rambled ideas and surpassed anything anyone could have dreamed and that’s why she’s just the best.

We are again and again spoiled and deeply blessed by vendors that givegivegive of their talents: Wildflowers by Design who BLEW ME AWAY, Unfading Beauty by Kristen who has done hair & makeup for all four workshops and truly is a legend, Treasured Events who provides the most beautiful rental pieces that I actually want to steal for my house, along with Lovely Bride, Paper Tree Studio, Bow and Arrow Calligraphy, Sugar Whipped Bakery, Tono + Co, Magnolia PostageFinch Jewelers, Creative Candles, and The Black Tux that collectively I just feel so much gratitude towards. And OF COURSE Jordon & Steff who I’m convinced are a celeb couple?!? I’m speechless but *also* can’t help but gush about the people that make dreams possible!!
Breaking down exactly how I shoot (lighting, angles, composition) and pose (to make your clients feel comfortable and help them have fun *and* look natural) is the highlight of the day!! Well, one of them.
I think this is what we call Photographer Heaven…
Yep. Suspicions confirmed.

Reed is fifteen (!) and flew from Texas for the workshop. All of us secretly wanted his autograph because he’s sure to do big things…

This pic makes me a little emotional, not gonna lie <3
After the shoot, we head back to my house for more teaching, an in-depth walk through of my culling and editing process, MORE COFFEE, and enough Olive Garden catering to feed an army. And pumpkin pie for good measure. Because why not !

It was a full day and late night… like teach till 11PM kind of late. BUT… anything short of pouring it all out/leaving no question unanswered for this incredible group of attendees just wouldn’t feel right. They deserve it all!! What a day it was… I’m nothing short of thankful.

Finally, a few photos stolen from the #carolineloganworkshop hashtag that I just can’t stop scrolling through smiling at…

And what’s better than one? TWO.

That’s right… I’m so excited to finally share THE BEST NEWS: my first ever two day workshop (!!!) is coming February 25th-26th, 2018 (with the optional Meet & Greet the night of the 24th). M-O-R-E time to teach, answer questions, photograph the styled shoot, cover topics, form relationships… aaand eat Chipotle. Best part? The price hardly changed. Yep… you get the second day baaasically FOR FREE.

AH! If you’re interested in joining, email me for more details and to save your seat before they’re gone (FYI only three seats currently remain!!!): caroline@carolineloganphotography.com

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors (companies I couldn’t/wouldn’t do business without)! : Showit | KISS Albums |  Align Album Design | CG Pro Prints | The Light & Airy PhotographerBlogStomp | PASS

Thank you to the dream team of vendors who donated their time and talents in order to spoil the attendees with a styled shoot that took my breath away! : Your Sweetest Day Events | Wildflowers by Design | Unfading Beauty by Kristen | Treasured Events | Hingework | Lovely Bride | Paper Tree Studio | Bow and Arrow Calligraphy | Sugar Whipped Bakery | Tono + Co | Magnolia Postage | Finch Jewelers | Creative Candles | The Black Tux

And above all, thank you again to the people that pray me through these days, excitedly await a recap after, and support me through and through… YOU KNOW who you are. <3

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