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Andy & Lindsay


September 27, 2018

They met via a mutual friend in college and after dating for a few months, they both went abroad at the start of their junior year. Off Andy went to Sydney and for Lindsay, she was headed to Madrid. Though they were worlds apart, for five months, they made it a goal to Skype every day. And they did. Even visiting each other in their respective abroad cities during that time… making memories along the way.

Upon graduating from college, Andy started his finance career in Charlotte and Lindsay moved to Philadelphia for medical school. Before long, they were masters of planning ahead and navigating airports so they could see each other *almost* every other weekend.

Through it all, they’ve practiced intentionality. From the beginning. Through anesthesia residency for Lindsay and another move for Andy (this time to NYC), they’ve chosen three things: positivity, perspective, and above all: each other. Even though they obviously wishhh they could live in the same city, ask anyone and they’ll tell you what amazing people these two are and how they face nearly anything with grace & determination… side by side even if they are miles apart.

After 8+ years of dating, Summer 2019 is going to be the most anticipated season of their lives YET not *just* because they’ll finally be husband and wife… but also because they’ll fiiiiinally get to live in the same town and be a “normal” couple. <3 I can’t wait to document the celebration in store at Waterworks in Philadelphia as friends & family cheer them on into their best season yet!! For now, enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session! Xo

Hair and Makeup by the ever-wonderful: Unfading Beauty by Kristen

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