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The Akins Family | 2019


April 26, 2019

THERE ARE NO WORDS when I try to express my love for this fam or the joy it is to be in Gray’s life. A year ago I was rushing to the hospital to meet him/take their first family photos (lol sorry Gray, get used to it) and somehow the last 365 days have been the fastest of my life. Forgive me for sounding like a mom but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!??!!

Honestly when I think about the last year of *my* life, one of the sweetest blessings has been the joy this baby has brought to it. <3 Seeing Gray’s personality come out more and more (omg have I mentioned I’m obsessed?) has brightened my day more times than I can say. When Anna texts me a photo of Gray I DROP EVERYTHING to stare/force everyone around to gawk at his cuteness with me/proceed to save said photo to my phone because I can’t get enough. (Am I creepy or cute? Some days even I don’t know…)

One moment I’m like *OMG I can’t wait till the day he talks!!!* and the next moment I’m like *STOP GROWING, STAY LITTLE!!* But one thing’s for sure… Gray Bear, you have quickly become one of my very favorite people on this planet and I feel like the luckiest to watch you grow. <3

I’m so excited to share this lifestyle session, freezing moments in one of my favorite homes <3 (SIGN ME UP FOR LIFE PLEASE!!)

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