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Reid & Jenna


May 7, 2018

They went to high school together, but graduation came and went without their paths ever crossing… then they were off to college. One day, Jenna’s college roommate, Jayni, happened to be outside at her childhood home catching up with her neighbor, Reid. She asked about his love life… then said “I have the perfect girl for you!” Shortly after, he messaged Jenna on Facebook… and needless to say, the rest was history. :)

For their first official date, Reid suggested they go mini golfing. When he chose the ONE mini golf course that’s her very favorite (the one that surpasses all other options), she knew he was a keeper. With good taste.

Suspecting he might propose on September 4th (their three year anniversary) Jenna watched Reid’s demeanor carefully all weekend for any signs that would tip her off. But of course, he was cool as a cucumber!

But as they mini golfed at their favorite place one evening that weekend (which they’d frequented often over the years), Reid missed a few putts. Rather out of character for him, but Jenna had given up on reading into things. They ended the night at the snack shop, as is tradition. After persistently asking Jenna which flavor of ice cream she wanted (and convincing her to even HAVE ice cream in the first place), she finally looked up at the flavor felt board to decide. Only to find that “Jenna will you marry me?” was spelled out on the board. It was the best, most no-brainer decision she’s ever made.

Reid & Jenna, you guys are SO FUN and I’m so honored to be your wedding photographer! August cannotttt come fast enough. <3 For now, enjoy a few of my faves from your beautiful spring engagement session! Xo

For Photographers: Love creamy skintones & soft colors? Learn to edit light & airy here!

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