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Making Mulberry Home


January 4, 2017

If God did not do one more thing for me, He has already done enough in sending me His child, His son Jesus Christ.” – Jeremy McKeen // Truth Point Church


It’s already been six months since I bought my house (smack dab in the middle of wedding season… what timing right !!) and I’m sure I’ll never forget the days that followed: eating Rachel’s Crepes on the furniture-less floor with my family the day of closing, cleaning parties, Home Depot trips, lots of take-out dinners, and Mulberry’s very first sleepover with my sisters/cousins/best friends late one night after shooting a wedding. The people I love dropped everything to help and commemorate it by memories filled with lots of ice cream parties and prayers thanking Jesus for giving me this blessing I definitely don’t deserve.

I’ll always remember one specific Sunday several years ago when my pastor was being honored for twenty-five years of service to our congregation. So like more than my lifetime dedicated and committed to serving our church and its people. As the congregation stood in applause he graciously thanked them, then opened his aged Bible and shared the following verse: “Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.” Psalm 115:1

I stood there stunned, completely. It was his one chance to take a hearty bow, say “oh you shouldn’t have,” then gloat in the shining spotlight of all that he’d done, ya know?! But instead, he pointed it all to Jesus… the giver of all perfect gifts… the one who sustains our hearts.

That verse has stuck out to me ever since… it’s a guide in my business and life when things get hazy or when I make things too much about me (which I often do).

I really believe my primary purpose on this earth is to glorify God. Simple as that, at the end of the day (and the beginning) that’s what it all boils down to.

And so my prayer for this house is just like anything else the Lord has me stewarding (my business, friendships, time, etc)… to hold it with open hands, to use it to serve and bless, and to bring love and a safe place to the people right in front of me. That’s what a home is, right?

There are so many stories this house carries already of the memories its held and the lessons its taught me. It’s shaped me more in the last six months than I ever imagined a house even could and serves as a daily reminder that Jesus is the source of every provision we need. I can already see His plan in it and I know He’s only just getting started.

My favorite book to read as a kid was “I Can Do It Myself” so you can probably guess I’m not the best at receiving help from others. But then there are things ya just can’t do alone like mounting a TV on the wall or assembling bed frames or installing flooring or picking up large furniture in a little car (to name a few) and though humbling to ask for it, I just couldn’t be more thankful to have the helping hands I do and the people (seen below, along with others) that have supported me so much throughout it all…

There have been house shopping days…

And work days…

God Bless Alan Raush <3

And the best kind of work days…

But my favorite of all: parties, houseguests, and Christmastime.

So there ya have it. I actually get emotional thinking of the way God’s already filled this home with good conversations, tears, and lots of happy memories and I’m definitely aware I get cheesy every time I talk about it but I think this year has shown me what “it takes a village” really means. And I’m like so thankful for mine.

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  1. This is the first glimpse I’ve seen into your home sweet home that is more than an Instagram square here and there, and oh my gosh my sweet friend! Those walls, those floors, those windows – all of it! It is SO YOU and so gorgeous, cozy, inspiring – basically everything. Yes that’s the answer, it’s EVERYTHING!
    I couldn’t be more happy for you, gosh you are so deserving of this! I know you’ll use that space for so much good, just like you do every other blessing in your life!!

  2. Mark Reed says:

    Gorgeous house you have made a HOME! KUDOS!

  3. Love everything about this post and my time at Mulberry!!!! Can’t wait for more fun mems here!!! Love you and your beautiful heart!!!

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