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Announcing: The Light & Airy Photographer

For Photographers

February 1, 2017

As you probably know by now: I photographed my first solo wedding in 2010 at age fourteen. And while I’ve seen so(oooo) much growth in my work since then, there was one specific season in my business where my style especially changed over a short period of time. Significantly. It wasn’t that the work I was doing before was technically flawed or poor work (by any means!) … I just finally allowed my style to be a true, unique reflection of who I am.

Quite a difference, riiight?

I’ll never forget calling my friend Annamarie shortly after I photographed a wedding in the South. With dreamy Spanish Moss and incredible natural tones, my bold and saturated editing style just wasn’t working with the photos. She’d recently made the same transition in her work, and so she kindly walked me through how to desaturate my greens a bit and achieve the light & airy look the photos seemed to be begging for…

Though the change was noticeable, it still took years to truly develop into a consistent style I am confident in! A style I don’t question or falter in… a style I’ve become known for and one I truly love inside and out!

I’m so thankful for Anna and seriously it’s been amazing to watch our styles and businesses grow in the years since! It’s taken work (and lots of it) to get our light & airy styles to where they are.

Anna and I have been talking lots lately about that transition and are so excited (!!!) to finally share our secrets WITH YOU to getting a light & airy style! AHHH.

Yes, learning and developing this style has been a looong process. If you’ve ever questioned if your work is good enough or felt like a fraud when it comes to creating and putting a price tag on your photos, we want you to know we’ve been there too. It’s normal to feel like that at first! But this is why we’re seriously so excited to teach you and help save you time and money (forget spending hours in Lightroom or trying to find the perfect preset) by giving you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to fast forward your style and business growth!

There’s so much in store, but for now: download Three Secrets to Light & Airy Photos (Without Wasting Money on Presets) by clicking here. Go ahead and read this first! It will give you a great foundation for the tips we have coming.

Feeling thankful today for growth (so thankful) and the opportunity to share what we’ve learned along this journey in hopes of helping others succeed, too! So many good things to come!

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